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airport parking at Gatwick

If you are travelling from Gatwick airport, and you require airport parking bear in mind that Gatwick is a busy place. In fact, Gatwick is the busiest single runway airport in the world. British Airways goes on to note "Gatwick is the second largest airport in the UK, and the seventh busiest international airport in the world. Around 90 airlines operate from Gatwick's two terminals, serving around 200 destinations". The airport is owned by BAA.  More on airport parking at Gatwick ...

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There are two terminals at Gatwick so make sure you know which terminal your flight will be using to ensure you choose to park in the best place. These are the options when it comes to parking your car at Gatwick Airport:

Short Term Airport Parking, Gatwick

Short term is as the name suggests; it is for those who are only parking for a short stay. It is a few metres from the terminal entrance and is recommended for stays up to five hours but you can park longer if you wish. If you are seeing someone off or meeting arriving passengers, this is the place to park your car. Both North and South terminals have their own short stay car park with a covered walkway near the terminal entrance. Prices are based on the length of time you park here.

Fast Track Parking, Gatwick Airport

Another short stay service is called Fast Track. British Airways says it is ideal for the business traveller who wishes to get to the terminals quickly and still use airport parking. Fast track is located within the short stay car parks offering quality under cover parking and the fastest, most convenient link into the terminal building. Both South and North terminals have their own dedicated Fast Track car parks.

Long Stay Airport Parking, Gatwick

Both the North and South Terminals have longer stay parking. There is a courtesy bus every ten minutes or so directly to the terminal. This is for longer stay parking at Gatwick Airport and of course, is cheaper than the close-in short stay facilities.  Purple Parking is a very popular parking facility and we recommend that you obtain a quote and book your airport parking here for Gatwick

Another alternative is the top star valet parking service for those you want the most service while using Gatwick.

No matter what your needs, remember: if you pre-book your parking you will make your life easier and very often, reduce your cost. This is particularly true, the longer you will be leaving your car. There are several discounted rate packages at Gatwick airport parking. Also note that during peak holiday traffic, parking rates increase. Book your Gatwick airport parking on-line to make it easier and save money


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