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airport parking at Luton Airport

airport parking

airport parking at Luton

If you are travelling from Gatwick airport, and you require airport parking bear in mind that Gatwick is a busy place. In fact, Gatwick is the busiest single runway airport in the world. British Airways goes on to note "Gatwick is the second largest airport in the UK, and the seventh busiest international airport in the world. Around 90 airlines operate from Gatwick's two terminals, serving around 200 destinations". The airport is owned by BAA.  More on airport parking at Gatwick ...

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Located about 30 miles outside of Central London, Luton airport serves scheduled and charter flights to destinations all over the U.K. and Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Airport parking at Luton is not a problem for either a traveller on holiday or the businessperson on the road.

Three options are available when you need to park at Luton Airport.

Short Term Airport Parking, Luton

Short term car parks are considered to be the premium product. The car park is situated adjacent to the Luton terminal and is suited to executive stays and meeting and greeting passengers.  You will pay by the hour up to the maximum of a six-hour stay to take advantage of the daily executive rate for in this parking facility at the airport in Luton. Some people want the advantage of being parked very close to the terminal even if they are going be away for some time and you may park at the short term car park for almost as long as you want.

Convenience is the by word when parking Luton Airport. The airport recommends that for speed and convenience you insert your credit card into car park entry barrier. This opens the gate. You can then park and lock your car and make your way to the terminal.Otherwise, obtain your entrance ticket from the barrier. Park and secure your car and make your way to the terminal. And if you paid with credit card, when you return, just drive out without having to deal with the cashier. Follow the gold signs to get to the short term car parking lot.

Mid Term Airport Parking, Luton

For longer term and less expensive parking, you may use the Mid Term airport parking at Luton airport. This car park is designed primarily for longer trips. Free fully accessible shuttle buses service the car park with drivers that are fully competent to help disabled customers to board or disembark the buses. There is even a Special Assistance intercom enabling disabled customers to call for free assistance to their check-in desk.  For five days or even more, the Mid Term parking facility is the best for parking at Luton Airport. Follow the green signs and here again, use your credit card to make it easier and quicker to get in and out of the lot.

Long Term Airport Parking, Luton

If you are taking an extended trip and need Luton airport parking, follow the pink signs to the Long Term parking facility. Parking rates are very much less expensive and the shuttle bus ride is a breeze.  This is the facility we would recommend in most instances.  You can save money right away by going to Purple Parking for Airport Parking Luton and book your parking online

And by the way, parking for motorcycles is available free of charge in the Short Term Car Park for airport parking at Luton.


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