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airport parking at Stansted

Stansted, or to use the common mispelling of the place name, Stanstead, is the UK's fourth busiest airport and the third most important airport in London.  Stansted Airport increased in capacity from 8 million passengers when its widely acclaimed new terminal was opened in 1991 to 25 million in 1999 resulting in a new extension being completed in 2002 in anticipation of it developing its capacity to 25 million passengers a year.  Consequently, airport parking at Stansted is not quite as straightforward as it was just a few years back.

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For those of you interested in history, the USA established a base here in 1942 from which bombers led more than 600 aircraft over the beaches of France on D-Day.  Eventually, the BAA (British Airports Authority) assumed ownership of Stansted and was outcast in favour of a new airport site at Maplin.  However, this project was abandoned in 1978 and Stansted was on its way to becoming what it is today.  Back to airport parking at Stansted …

As with most other UK Airports, the airport parking at Stansted falls into three main options.

Short Term Airport Parking, Stansted

This is the popular Easy Parking Meet and Greet Airport Parking at Stansted) offered by Purple Parking who offer online quotes and booking.

parking at stansted

On arrival at Stansted airport, follow signs for Short Stay Parking. Collect a ticket and proceed through the barrier. After passing zone C and coach parking, take next left, blue signs to Pick up area/Flight arrivals. (This is zone D). Drive down to the canopied walkway where the Purple Parking representative will meet you here close to the ticket pay machines.

Mid Term Airport Parking, Stanstead

There is a mid term car park located nearer the passenger terminal aimed at business users on 2 to 3 day trips.  Gateway Parking are a new off-airport operator situated south of Stansted Airport and they are promising to offer cheap parking rates found at London's other major airport.

Long Term Airport Parking, Stansted

The long term car parking is provided by Pink Elephant and the car park is located next to the Hilton, which offers economical deals for both hotel accommodation and long term airport parking at Stansted.


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